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How to distinguish high-quality aluminum trusses?

With the development of the Internet era, more and more manufacturers of products for the performance industry, such as stage and aluminum truss, have passed through the network channel.
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Product Introduction

Rea shelf, because the basic principle of the scaffold was invented by the German company LAYHER (Rea), also known as "Rea shelf" in the industry.
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Product introduction--Aluminum alloy latch rack

Aluminum alloy bolt square frame has various specifications such as 290 * 290, 390 * 390, etc. The bolts are connected between the shelves, which is firm and easy to install.
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Outdoor performance equipment-aluminum alloy lighting stand

With its small floor area, the aluminum alloy quick-installation stage rack does not damage any obstacles (including tables and chairs, steps, flowers, etc.) by the common spanning method.
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Event Stage Introduction

Widely used in various performances, exhibitions, weddings, real estate opening and other activities.
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Our company adhering to the business philosophy of customer first and service first, the mission of ensuring customers' safe use, and the commitment we make is based on time and integrity.
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